Montana Johnson has Just Published an Article about Women in Audio

Montana Johnson has just published an article entitled “In Focus: Women in Audio” to Technical Tools of the Trade. In the article, Johnson discusses the state of women in audio, based on her own experience and the experience of other females working in audio. One of the goals of the article is to answer the question: “Why aren’t there more women in audio?” I was honored to be one of the women included in her interviews, and am extremely happy to see that there are people talking about this and advocating to get women involved.

Groups like the Women’s Audio Mission and SoundGirls do important work advocating for women in audio and providing opportunities for young women to become involved in the field. It is important, however, that we have these conversations in other forums, such as Technical Tools of the Trade, in order to bring the discussion to new audiences who may be less aware that there are still some gender issues in our field.

This is an important article and hopefully opens the door for discussions about not only the small numbers of women in audio, but also the lack of diversity in the audio field (though the article is about gender diversity, Johnson does acknowledge the need for a conversation about racial diversity in our field as well).

The article can be found here.