On October 28 and 29, LSU will host a conference entitled By Any Other Name: Law, Authorship + Appropriation. I am pleased to be presenting about The Sound Designer’s Dilemma. As a sound designer and composer I have had a keen interest in copyright and licensing, and I’m excited to be able to speak about it with others who work not only in the arts, but also in legal professions.

I will start by discussing the function of a sound designer and why there is sometimes an inherent dilemma in our profession. I will then discuss music usage in theatre, common misconceptions about rights and licensure, and first steps toward obtaining licensure.

My overall question is this: How can sound designers and theatres work within the law to obtain rights and how can we educate designers, directors, and theatre administrators on the need to license music? Is there a way for us to streamline the licensing process?

For more information about the conference and the conference schedule, please visit http://wp.theatre.lsu.edu/law-and-the-arts-conference/